Lawton transitional housing program expands outreach

Lawton transitional housing program expands outreach

LAWTON, OK (KSWO)-The outreach of a transitional housing program is increasing with the opening of a sixth building on their property.

In just 3 years, Living Life Housing with a Purpose has helped 45 people to get back on their feet. Organizers provide a spiritual, financial, vocational, and educational perspective. The program works to give people who are homeless, addicted, or financially struggling the life skills to be successful in the future. Assistant Director Jeff Elbert says the people they work with daily in the program mean everything to him.

"I know what it is like to be on the street with nothing. I know what it's like to be homeless. I know what it is like to be an alcoholic and a drug addict. I know what it is like to chase satisfaction, because I couldn't find it in anything and you know I just know where they are coming from," said Elbert.

To be selected for the housing, the program board takes applications, does interviews, and votes on whether or not the person or family is a right fit for the housing.

"This isn't just a shelter for you to lay your head. This is somewhere where you are going to try and improve your life and then when you leave here. You are free of addiction. You are hopefully free of debt and you know you are working and you are living a normal, whatever we call a normal life," said Elbert.

Organizers formulate a simple care plan to fit each individual. The program, includes things like helping people to get their driver's license, budgeting classes, and the pursuit of technical school. Elbert says they can't promise everyone a scholarship to school, but they do what they can to help people stand on their own.

"If they are focused and they are doing the right thing and they are minding the rules and regulations and staying sober maybe a new passion will ignite in them and we can help them follow so sort of dream that they may have," said Elbert.

Pastor Rick Gettens is the Director of Living Life Housing with a Purpose. He says their program has a unique perspective of helping take care of each person as a whole.

"Can't read? Okay let's go get your G.E.D. Oh I have never been shown how to become a man. Well then let me walk you through that. It's going to be a process but let me walk you through that and then we work with other entities to try to hookup that whole person. They come in with nothing and every time they leave, they leave with a lot," said Gettens.

The housing program is funded primarily by donations. If you would like to donate to help the needs of Living Life Housing with a Purpose click here.

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