Potholes plague Comanche County drivers

Potholes plague Comanche County drivers
Comanche County is working on repaving a portion of SW 45th St. (Source KSWO)
Comanche County is working on repaving a portion of SW 45th St. (Source KSWO)

LAWTON, OK (KSWO) –According AAA, millions of drivers are dishing out big cash in car repairs because of potholes.

AAA reports the 16 million unlucky drivers met with potholes, and dished out about $300 to $500 per year for punctured tires, bent wheels and expensive suspension damage.

"Every time I come down this road, you do 45 and if you don't know where the spots are. Bang! You done tore up a tire or your front end," said a driver.

Comanche County Commissioner Gail Turner says he hears these kind of complaints from drivers fairly often. The county spends anywhere from $500 to $1,000 each week to repair jagged roads, like the one near Southwest 45th Street and Bishop Road.

"We have from one to three crews out every day patching potholes in the county," Turner said.

Turner says it is an ongoing processes that may never end due to Mother Nature.

"The potholes have always come to haunt us," Turner said,

Turner says the soil composition below the road plays a role in how and where the potholes form. The clay soil is exactly what is causing all of the headache. It expands and retracts depending upon the weather. When it moves, so does the gravel and rock on top.

Even though it may seem like the same road has the same old potholes, Turner says that's not the case. New ones have developed due to the shift underneath.

Turner says the county has insurance for pothole-related accidents. If your car is damaged, you can call the courthouse and ask to put in a claim with the county.

"They will evaluate it and pay or not pay it," Turner said.

The county is currently working to repave Southwest 45th Street from Bishop Road to Baseline Road. They expect the project to take a few more weeks.

Statewide, the Oklahoma Department of Transportation says $4 million is spent on repairing potholes alone on highways and interstates every year.

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