Several acres burned in Stephens County blaze

Several acres burned in Stephens County blaze

STEPHENS COUNTY, OK (KSWO) -A grass fire burned a path about a mile long and a half mile wide just east of Duncan Thursday afternoon.

It started around 2:30 p.m. off Comanche Lake Road near State Highway 7. The strong north winds pushed the fire into a large pasture area where it threatened a few homes and other structures.

Debbie Nelson owns a home and a trailer house that were in the path of the flames. She said when she saw the fire approaching, she called 911 and then tried to put it out herself.

"I went out there and started stomping it out with my feet, trying to put it out, because it was lapping the trailer. The fire was right next to the trailer house. It scared me to death. I thought I was going to lose my trailer and our home," Nelson said.

She said a highway patrolman arrived shortly after, grabbed a garden hose connected to the trailer and helped put it out. He was quickly followed by roughly 30 firefighters from five area departments.

Volunteer firefighter William Bumpas said the group effort helped contain the damage to a few hay bales and some lumber outside one of the homes.

"The fire got close to the homes on the east side, and the south side of the fire. Luckily, we were able to get reinforcements here quickly and set up a perimeter on those houses for structure protection, so luckily we got everything knocked out pretty quick," Bumpas said.

The fire was contained about two and a half hours after it started. Bumpas said one of the challenges they faced was the soggy terrain, which led to five trucks briefly getting stuck in mud. None of the trucks was damaged and no firefighters hurt.

Bumpas said they have some theories on how the fire started, but did not want to speculate on the cause.

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