Man arrested in Cache for warrants, threat

Man arrested in Cache for warrants, threat

CACHE, OK (KSWO) -The search for a man who threatened a woman with a knife and sent the Cache Public Schools campus on lock down Friday morning, sent rumors flying online.

Cache Police arrested Cody Nash after a short foot chase down Highway 62. Police told the school district they were searching for a possibly dangerous suspect near the school, which caused the 25-minute lock down. Shortly afterward, rumors about the incident circulated online.

Cache Police say if it doesn't come from's not true. Many said online that someone was stabbed, but police say that did not happen, and it was just the threat with a knife. As for the lock down, school officials say they did not want to take a chance with the student's safety.

Cache Public Schools Superintendent Randy Batt says parents should always call the school if they are concerned about their children instead of trusting social media.

"Sometimes what makes it hard to take care of the kids is that there is some stuff posted that's not true, causes a scare and everybody is wanting to run up to get their kids for no good reason," Batt said.

The lock down, put on because Cache Police were searching for Cody Nash, who threatened a woman with a knife just a few blocks away from the campus and had several out-of-state warrants for his arrest. Batt says he was advised by the police to keep the students inside.

"One of the big concerns is first hour. We have a lot of kids out here for athletics and we have a lot of kids outside the buildings, and they were fixing to make a class change so that made it a no-brainer," Batt said.

Police say Nash was not a student, and there was no evidence of him heading to the school. But because of where the incident happened, Officer Alvin Pickens of the Cache Police Department says they let the district know.

"Our community is small and we don't want nothing to happen to the school or the people in the school. So we just take precautions, no matter what it is," Officer Pickens said.

Nash was found near Airport Road next to Highway 62. When officers chased him on foot through the field and up to the highway, Nash held his thumb out and was trying to hitch a ride as he was running for police.

Police caught up with him, and he was taken to the Comanche County Detention Center.

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