Police: Report suspicious activity before posting about it

Police: Report suspicious activity before posting about it

LAWTON, OK (KSWO) –The Lawton Police Department is asking parents to report suspicious activity to them first instead of going to social media.

Two incidents of a man trying to talk to young children were reported, one Sunday and one Monday. Police say on Sunday, they were called about an adult man trying to talk to a young girl. The caller told police the man later drove through the neighborhood and circled the block twice before leaving.

On Monday, police were notified about a man trying to talk to a young boy while the woman was putting a car seat in her vehicle. The woman told police she asked the man what he was doing; he got back in his vehicle and drove off.

Officers were able to track down the man and had a brief interview with him. He then voluntarily drove himself to the Lawton Police Department and went through a thorough investigation. He was identified as being the same man in both incidents. No charges have been filed.

"In light of this investigation, the public is encouraged to please contact the police department first before posting any information on social media. The police department takes these types of calls very seriously and will act on them immediately," said Det. Nancy Lombardo.

LPD wants to thank everyone for their alertness and for working to keep their children safe. They even have a few helpful tips that parents can teach their children.

"Try not to use the word "Stranger" because that is not always the case in an individual attempting to harm a child.  If a child is approached by a person in a car, he or she should immediately walk in the direction that is opposite of the way the car is facing, which makes it more difficult to follow the child. If somebody attempts to grab a child, let the child know it is ok to make loud noises, yell, scream, or throw a tantrum to get anybody's attention," Det. Lombardo said.

If you see any suspicious activity, call police and let them investigate.

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