Candidates challenging Congressman Tom Cole in Lawton

Candidates challenging Congressman Tom Cole in Lawton

LAWTON, OK (KSWO) - Two candidates challenging incumbent U.S. Representative Tom Cole for the 4th Congressional District seat were in Lawton Tuesday night to speak and answer some of the citizens questions.

The candidates, James Taylor and Shawn Roberts, were at the Comanche County Republican Party meeting. They both have their different reasons for running, but they say that Congressman Cole has been in office too long and that there needs to be a change for Oklahomans.

Shawn Roberts, who lives in Lawton, says he has been to many of these meetings across southwest Oklahoma, and voters have told him that Congressman Cole has lost touch.

"He does not speak the language of the people of the 4th Congressional District, he is speaking Washington," said Roberts. "I think we need to get somebody in Washington who actually speaks the language that the people that he is representing."

Roberts, who is retired military, has been interested in politics for most of his life, and chose to run after not agreeing with certain spending bills Congressman Cole was voting for.

The other candidate, James Taylor, lives in Norman and is a pastor and teacher. Taylor says he has done his homework, and is qualified for Congress.

"I'm a citizen who says I've had enough," said Taylor. "The mere fact that there has to be a change. It's Einstein who said insanity is doing the same thing over and over again expecting a different result. We've got to stop the insanity."

Taylor says he wants to educate the voters and for them to choose him to represent constitutional conservative values.

Congressman Cole was asked to speak, or send a representative, but did not do either. Republican candidates for the District 31 Senate seat and District 64 House seat came to speak at the meeting.

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