Lawton City Council looks to update city charter

Lawton City Council looks to update city charter

LAWTON, OK (KSWO) -The Lawton City Council is considering whether to establish a committee to review some aspects of the city charter.

Mayor Fred Fitch says the idea originated from three council members who felt some items needed to be changed.

One wants to require department heads and other top appointed officials to live in city limits and be registered to vote. Another wants to get rid of runoff elections and term limits on council members. A third wants the charter to specifically say that having a felony before filing means you cannot serve on the City Council.

The changes would eventually go to a vote of the people, but Mayor Fitch says the public first needs to be informed. He says the City Council will hold several meetings in the near future and it's important that residents attend.

"We're giving you not only an opportunity on ordinance changes, which are rules that you will go by within the city, but it gives them input on the changes that are going to be made that they're going to have to live by and vote on. It's taking it one more step," Mayor Fitch said.

Mayor Fitch says the charter can only be reviewed once every five years. The last two reviews were done in 1995 and 2011 by private citizens representing each ward.

He says dates of the public meetings will be announced at the next City Council meeting.

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