Students play in basketball competition

Students play in basketball competition

LAWTON, OK (KSWO)-Dozens of students started out their spring break playing in the Lawton Youth Parks and Recreation Basketball League Championships on Saturday.

The students who played in the competition are 2nd through 6th graders. The teams started out in the playoff bracket earlier in the week. The top two teams of each age group battled it out at the Lawton High School gymnasium.

"Basketball is really fun," said Layla Moseby, participant.

Layla Moseby says there are a lot of things she loves about basketball.

"Stealing the ball. Having fun. Playing with teammates," said Moseby.

For the younger age levels the students play half-court basketball and the game is modified to their skill level. Kylee Tottee says she likes to work on improving upon her basketball skills each year that she plays.

"Work as a team and pass to each other," said Tottee.

Alysa Mack says she has also been working to improve her ball handling this year.

"Better passing, better shooting, and better dribbling," said Mack.

City of Lawton Parks and Recreation Director, Jack Hanna says it is not just about winning and losing.

"How to deal with the fun part of it when you do win. Then also the aspect of when you lose how do you deal with that part and how you work with teamwork, deal with adversity. Again it is about life skills along with being a recreational sport," said Hanna.

This year 84 teams played in both the recreational and competitive basketball sections combined. For many of these students it has started them on a path to fulfill lifelong dreams.

"I hope to be a professional basketball player in the W.M.B.A. ," said Mack.

While basketball season is over the parks and recreation department is currently taking sign-ups for baseball and softball through March 22, 2016.

If you would like more information or if you would like to sign-up you can call 580-581-3400.

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