'They deserve that respect': Jericho Ride honors veterans

'They deserve that respect': Jericho Ride honors veterans

DUNCAN, OK (KSWO) - A Duncan church honored veterans Sunday by riding motorcycles around Duncan seven times. It's called the Jericho Ride, and the bikers road 80 miles total starting at Fuqua Park. After the ride they all met up at the Stephens County Fairgrounds to hear from Jacob Schick, a Marine veteran who played a role in the movie American Sniper.

Pastor of the Freedom Biker Church Billy Morgan says they honor the veterans because of what they fought for.

"They deserve our honor they deserve that respect," said Morgan. "We as a nation a lot of times fail to do that, but we as a town and a church wanted to do that. That was our desire to show them that we do care, and they are important."

More than 80 bikes rumbled down the streets of Duncan, and Morgan says the veterans there were overwhelmed with the support they felt from the community. He says they are looking to hold another event like this in the future.

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