Cache schools trying 4-day school week

Cache schools trying 4-day school week

CACHE, OK (KSWO) - As a result of state budget cuts, Cache Public Schools will go to a four-day school week starting mid-April.

Superintendent Randy Batt says they have seen a lot of schools across the state drop Friday from their school week, and they decided to use five of their nine unused snow days to figure out what effect cutting that day would have on the district. They will save some money in operational costs, but it won't make up for the $239,000 that was cut by the state.

Batt says they are ready to get it started.

"The staff is anxious to see how it will work, and of course the students are excited about it," said Batt. "But you know it's the parents. We will see how they react. We will do a survey thing at the end of the nine weeks to see how it plays out."

That survey will be used just in case the budget cuts get so severe next year that they need to move to the four-day week schedule. Batt says if that is the case, it won't happen in the Fall because it takes a few months to transition to that schedule. He says school activities originally scheduled on Fridays starting on April 15, like sporting events, will still go as planned.

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