Crash simulation shows possible outcome of drinking and driving

Crash simulation shows possible outcome of drinking and driving

LAWTON, OK (KSWO) -The Comanche Nation hosted an event aimed at keeping local teens safe on the road.

The pre-prom crash simulation showed the youth of Lawton and surrounding communities what could happen in a drunk driving accident in hopes of preventing them from being in one. One 8th-grader says the event changed his views on drunk driving, and its all-too-real consequences.

"Well, I kind of knew about it, not to do it. This really changed my view on it. Like, don't do it no matter what. It will end up worse than what they will do to you. It is kind of sad that I'm still young and all this can happen like that. It can just end your life and you won't have a long life to live," said Nathan Chaenah.

"I think it is a good thing we do. It's always best to teach the younger generation before it's too late. We see so many accidents where kids don't make it for whatever reason may be. No parent should ever see their child airlifted for texting and driving or drinking and driving," said Sonya Liles, the Community Health Representative/Emergency Medical Service director.

The purpose of the event was also to educate the community on making good decisions to live a longer life. The Comanche Nation Police offered advice to young drivers this prom season: buckle up, eliminate distractions and do not drink and drive.

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