Lawton youngster collects socks for the homeless

Lawton youngster collects socks for the homeless
(Source KSWO)
(Source KSWO)

LAWTON, OK (KSWO) -A 9-year-old is taking it upon himself to put socks on every homeless person in Lawton, and he needs your help to do that.

"I hope people can come down and help the homeless," Keyion Brown said.

He started up KB's sock drive this week with the help of his dad, DJ Zackery. They plan to donate all the socks to Family Promise of Lawton at Box City at Cameron University on Friday, April 1.

Keyion's dad says he has always had compassion for the homeless, but they couldn't quite find a way for him to help because of his young age. Then they learned that socks are the least donated item, but the most needed at homeless shelters and that all they needed was a box and a sign.

In the middle of Ice Tre's Barbershop on West Gore Boulevard, there is a box overflowing with socks and a little boy gathering them all up.

"They don't have nothing like us. They don't have socks, cool clothes like us. So, I want to pray for them and then they can have cool stuff like us, too," Keyion said.

Keyion, who has a big heart for the homeless, is collecting bag, after bag, after bag of socks to donate to the homeless.

"I mean, I'm proud of him," said DJ Zackery.

Zackery noticed his son's drive and they found something they thought would be a small thing to help the homeless.

"I mean, we didn't do anything but set a bin out, share something on Facebook and just got an amazing response. And you know, we just go on from here," he said.

But that small thing got bigger. They've had socks delivered to them from all over the U.S., but most of the donations come from right here at home.

"I mean, it feels great that Lawton will come out and support someone that does something positive, especially him being so young and just thinking of it and coming up with it. So, I mean, it feels awesome," Zackery said.

Keyion says he just wants everyone to donate, and it doesn't matter how much.

"About five pairs of socks would be right," Keyion said as his dad started to laugh.

Keyion says he plans to keep on giving and helping in addition to his sock donation every year. In the summer, he wants to make the homeless free meals to eat and his dad says they want to continue encouraging his giving spirit. So, keep an eye out for a Keyion cookout.

If you'd like to donate new or gently used socks to KB's sock drive, drop them off at Ice Tre's Barbershop at 2104 W Gore Blvd. before Friday, April 1.

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