High school clubs raising money for homeless students

High school clubs raising money for homeless students

LAWTON, OK (KSWO) - Students in Eisenhower and Lawton High School Key Clubs are helping the more than 700 homeless kids in the Lawton Public Schools system by having a 5K Bubble Run Saturday. They had about 70 people signed up to run at Lawton High School. They call it a bubble run because there are bubbles all long the track.

Key club sponsors got together to talk about what their kids could do to help, and then they came up with the idea to help the homeless.

"It's just heartbreaking," said Key Club Co-Sponsor Emily Ozment. "We see so many. They struggle everyday just to get to school, much less to get there with food in their bellies and the energy to go. They had to worry about where they were going to sleep, or they had to watch their parents pinch pennies over somebody else's table. You know the last thing they are thinking about is school some of the time."

It was $30 to enter, and every dollar will be used to help the homeless children in Lawton.

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