LPD recognizes officers' good deeds

LPD recognizes officers' good deeds

LAWTON, OK (KSWO) –Lawton police officers are being recognized for their good deeds and community involvement.

Recently, the Lawton Police Department has started posting and publicizing the good deeds their officers do. The officers often want to do their work without recognition and don't often tell others about it.

"The Lawton Police Officers have been doing good deeds for our citizens all along, it's just that they won't ever brag about it. I am always searching for their stories they won't tell on their own," said Det. Nancy Lombardo, the public information officer for the Lawton Police Department.

On Sunday, March 27, Sgt. Bobby Witten stepped up and bought an Easter basket and food for a homeless Lawton man.

"Sergeant Witten was so humbled by the overwhelming response that he thought maybe I should take the post down," Det. Lombardo said.

A few days earlier on Thursday, March 24, Lt. Thorne helped a woman who recently lost her husband replace broken headlights.

"I am committed to let the public see a different side of us that they wouldn't normally have information about. I want the public to know that Police Officers are genuinely good people, with good hearts and good intentions with families and children like everyone else," Det. Lombardo said.

You can always find more stories about Lawton officers helping out on their Facebook page.

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