MedWatch-Work stress

MedWatch-Work stress

(CNN) -Jobs and careers are an important part of most people's lives. Along with providing a source of income, jobs help us fulfill our personal goals, build our networks and serve our communities, however, jobs can also be a major source of emotional stress.

Three-quarters of Americans consider their job stressful, according to a survey by the American Psychological Association. Cleveland Clinic psychologist Dr. Joe Rock says our bodies create stress and anxiety when we start to worry too much about what might happen, before it does.

"You can start creating a reality that doesn't exist yet. Well, what if I get a bad performance review, what if I don't finish this job on time, what if, what if, what if, and if you can sort of pay attention and realize, hey, wait a minute, I'm in the present, the stuff I'm thinking about hasn't happened yet," Dr. Rock said.

Dr. Rock says that first step to combating work stress is to be able to recognize what is creating the stress, and being able to live 'in the now' and remain focused on what you are doing today can go a long way in helping prevent anxiety.

He also says that taking too much of your work home at the end of the day can create more stress than your body is wired to handle. He says people need to have balance and when we allow work to bleed into our home lives, it takes the enjoyment away from things we love and can start affecting our health and our sleep.

"When you get home, it needs to be a sanctuary and it needs to be a positive distraction. Let me get away from the concerns of work that really aren't my concerns. I mean, my main concerns are my family, my life and my interests. And my work I may like, but largely what I'm doing is something that's going to allow me to do those other things," Dr. Rock said.

Dr. Rock says when stress begins to interfere with your personal relationships and your ability to do your job; you should seek help from a professional to help you deal with your work anxiety.

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