Mother chases off suspect with hatchet

Mother chases off suspect with hatchet

LAWTON, OK (KSWO) - The woman who threatened a man who broke inside her apartment while he was running from Lawton police Monday says she went into 'Mama Bear Mode' after she found him in her daughter's room.

"I had the hatchet and I told him to get out of the house before you get cut," said Deanna Garcia.

Garcia was the hero mother who chased Kevin Knight off with a hatchet. Knight led Lawton police on a chase after they tried to pull him over on a traffic stop near 4th and H Avenue. He ended up crashing his car into a fence, and ran all the way to Garcia's home.

Garcia says she hasn't been living there long, no more than two weeks. She calls this a very surprising welcome to the neighborhood.

She was taking a nap while her daughter was watching TV, but the shouts of her daughter that there was a strange man in her bedroom sent her into action.

"To be honest, I wasn't even thinking," said Garcia. "It was just protect my family. That's all that I was thinking about, protect my family. I didn't even know if he had a gun. I didn't know if he had anything."

Garcia grabbed the hatchet that she keeps by her bed, and ran into her daughter's room to find Knight.

"Stuck like a deer in headlights," said Garcia. "He didn't know what to do."

Garcia yelled at him to get out of her house. That's when Knight started to beg for protection.

"Well he was like no ma'am the police are chasing me, I'll give you money," said Garcia. "Then he started pulling out wads of money, trying to give me money to let him stay in my house. I told him no you need to get out."

When Garcia ran out of the house with her cell phone to call the police, Knight ran out the other door. But didn't get very far before police caught up.

Garcia says being a single mother with her family to protect, this hatchet is the first line of defense.

"I mean I don't have any other protection," said Garcia. "I have two sons, and I believe in guns but I don't have one so my handy hatchet."

Garcia and her daughter are okay, and spent Tuesday just picking up the pieces after a not-so-normal day Monday. Garcia says even though she has that hatchet to protect her daughter, she's grateful she didn't have to use it and that Knight is behind bars.

After the arrest, police found meth and marijuana that they believe Knight hid in the top drawer of Garcia's daughter's dresser. He was booked on several charges including eluding an officer, drug charges and 1st degree burglary.

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