Educational consultant talks "Power of a Parent"

Educational consultant talks "Power of a Parent"

DUNCAN, OK (KSWO)- A nationally recognized educational consultant and author met with parents and educators and discussed the power of a parent.

Larry Bell, creator of the 12 powerful words concept, commonly used on standardized tests, met with parents at Woodrow Wilson Elementary. Bell talked about the importance of parent-teacher relationships, parent involvement and standardized testing. He said no school can reach its full potential unless parents jump in and help out.

"It's important for parents because and teachers and administrators cannot do it by themselves the parents need to help the students do the work that they have been taught in school," said Bell.

Bell also said parents need to emphasize the importance of reading and studying while outside the classroom. He said without the encouragement students were less likely to do well on standardized testing; something that often determines their profession.

"The reason it is important for students to do well on stand tests, these tests will help determine their future. What I mean by that, tests are used to sort students in or sort students out of what they want to do, said Bell."

Bell also shared with parents strategies to help them boost their child's academic achievement.

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