'Box City' raises money to help Lawton's homeless

'Box City' raises money to help Lawton's homeless

LAWTON, OK(KSWO)-The campus of Cameron University was transformed into a "box city" Friday night, to raise awareness of the problem of homelessness in the Lawton area.

The project is put on by a local non-profit, called Family Promise. The group's mission is to help the homeless find their way out of their situation, by teaming up with local churches to give them the tools they need to find jobs, and ultimately a place of their own. Friday night's event was a fundraiser, as each person in paid $25 to spend the night in a box, with just a bowl of soup to eat, and no technology.

"We're gonna try to make the best out of it, because we know there's people out there who have problems like that every day.  I'm glad we get to experience it overnight, because we'll gain more respect for other people," said Angelique Joisalog.

Organizers say the problem is particularly acute among children, with more than 700 kids in the Lawton school system documented as homeless.

"If we want to create children who care about their community, we really need to show them that community cares about them, and that starts with helping them, and their families in their time of need," said Jason Hall, Box City Chairman.

Unlike the homeless, the participants will pack up their boxes Saturday morning and return home.  Organizers say they're required to clear out by 11am, but many are usually ready to go at daybreak.

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