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LPS needs public input on bond issue

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LAWTON, OK (KSWO) - The Lawton Public School district is in the preliminary stages of putting forward a new bond issue, but they need your input. Tuesday, the Lawton Chamber of Commerce and LPS hosted one of many feedback meetings for the month of April.

The district brought in an education consultant to host these meetings with community groups and parents this month. Tuesday’s meeting focused on local businesses and what they would want to see on a bond issue.

Educational consultant JoAnn Pierce says that the more the community is involved in this process, the more likely they will support a bond issue come Election Day. The process of getting the input in these meetings is they will fill out a slip of paper with their ideas for the school. Then they will discuss in a way that the consultant says will allow everyone's voice to be heard.

Pierce says at the meeting on Tuesday, opinions on building new schools, and giving students more technology stuck out.

"If you want the input from the community, and for them to feel like they are becoming part of something great then you have to give them the opportunity to give that input," said Pierce.

The district is looking into a new bond issue to replace Eisenhower Middle School, and to upgrade other schools.

"They want to hear what the Lawton people want for their children," said Pierce.

They are pulling for the entire community to give their opinion, including local businesses.

Tim Hushbeck with Public Service Company of Oklahoma says a strong education for Lawton students benefits PSO.

"From a selfish standpoint as a company, we need educated employees out there,” said Hushbeck. “What we do when we are dealing with electricity takes an extreme knowledge, people have to be very knowledgeable about what they're doing, and so an educated workforce is a must for us."

Pierce says she has been researching for months before getting to hear from the public in these meetings, and will present all of her findings to the school board in May. Only then will they decide to move forward with the specific projects they want to present to voters.

"You have to listen to everyone, and try to meet the concerns and listen to the concerns so that we can solve problems together," said Pierce.

Pierce says any community group that wants to have a meeting with her about what to invest in Lawton Public Schools can visit Aspire Higher Educational & Leadership Consulting, or contact her through email at aspirehigherconsulting@gmail.com.

Lawton Public School officials want parents to keep a lookout for information on upcoming meetings where they can voice their opinions on what should be on the bond.

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