ODOT wants input in highway project

ODOT wants input in highway project

MEDICINE PARK, OK (KSWO) - Citizens of the Medicine Park community were invited to an open house to learn more about a proposed highway improvement project.

They were encouraged to provide any input that could be implemented into the design.  As it stands now, the project would improve State Highway 58, starting at Highway 49, extending northwest approximately 6 ½ miles to northwest Wolf Road in Comanche County.

The improvements would include right-turn lanes, widened driving lanes and shoulders, and resurfacing to select portions of the highway. All changes, project engineers say will make for safer travel.

"This project is primarily safety driven, there have been a number of accidents in the last ten years on this stretch of roadway," said Jay Earp, ODOT Division Engineer.

Engineers say the project would also replace a narrow, dilapidated bridge south of the Meers Porter Hill junction on State Highway 58. The project will cost around $10.5 million, with construction getting underway in 2021. It is still unknown if the project will be state or federally funded.

If you have any questions or comments you can email odot-environment@odot.org. The public comment period will close on April 19th.

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