MedWatch-Binaural sound waves

MedWatch-Binaural sound waves

LAWTON, OK (KSWO) -A diagnosis of cancer is tough for patients and families, and coping with the disease is even more difficult.

Stress, side effects from treatments and pain are just a few of the difficult changes that patients must face, but the Cancer Centers of Southwest Oklahoma and a local  psychologist have teamed up to offer some relief from these unpleasant symptoms. It's called Guided Imagery.

Guided Imagery is a set of free downloadable audio files to help improve the mind, body and spirit of cancer patients.

"Usually treatment for cancer is stressful for most people," explained psychologist Dr. Douglas Brady.

The sounds are a mixture of white noise combined with Dr. Brady's soothing voice to help with relaxation.

He developed Guided Imagery as a new take on an old technique. It combines the latest binaural sound wave technology with Guided Imagery. He says different frequencies of binaural sound waves affect different parts of the brain.

"A procedure called binaural beats and what it is when you listen to it and you analyze it, it is a frequency that you can hear and there's another slightly different frequency and then the brain creates a whole new frequency and then that causes the brain to go into different states," Dr. Brady explained.

Dr. Brady's technique targets frequencies that help cancer patients cope with side effects.

Multiple files are currently available:

  • Nausea
  • Brain renewal
  • Restful and enduring sleep
  • Stress management

Listening with headphones has the best results.

"Headphones work better simply because you hear the sounds and the brain hears the sounds easier. You don't have to, but I think if you listen to it on speaker you have to turn it up very loud," Dr. Brady said.

According to Dr. Brady, it really does help.

"So far, many people that have used it have really liked it. Particularly the sleep audio file that's a big issue for many people," Dr. Brady said.

If you're stressed or have trouble sleeping, you can give Guided Imagery a try. It's free and available to everyone. Dr. Brady says pain and weight management are in the near future. The only warning, do not drive or operate heavy machinery while listening to these audio files.

You can download these files for free at

For more information, call the Cancer Centers at 580-536-2121.

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