Lawton Police cadets go through defensive training

Lawton Police cadets go through defensive training

LAWTON, OK (KSWO) –Lawton Police cadets continued their training Thursday morning and 7News reporter Will Hutchison got in on the action.

The 11 cadets are halfway through the academy are is a two-week block that focuses on defensive tactics, custody and control through classroom and hands-on training. Thursday, they met at a Lawton High School gym to go through more hands-on officer survival training. The cadets were learning how to properly handcuff suspects so they can go home at the end of the day.

Senior officers worked with them to make sure the cadets give the proper commands, how to talk to suspects, how to approach them and even how to hold the handcuffs.

Part of the training consisted of going through the gauntlet. After a 30-minute warm up routine, cadets go through five stations where they demonstrate physical maneuvers including elbow strikes, palm strikes, angle kicks, bridge hands and knee strikes.

7News reporter Will Hutchison went through a small portion of their training and saw how tough it is firsthand, he even went as far as being taken down and handcuffed.

The cadets still have two months of training before they graduate on June 16.

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