Earth Day celebration targets youth

Earth Day celebration targets youth
(Source KSWO)
(Source KSWO)

LAWTON, OK (KSWO) - Members of the Comanche Nation Tribe are making it their goal to help educate everyone on how to help keep mother nature clean.

The tribe's environmental program hosted its sixth annual earth day event on Friday at the tribal complex in Lawton. This year's theme way "May the forest be with you."

The tribe's Assistant Director of Environmental Programs, Lynn Schonchin, said Friday's event was aimed at the youth with the hopes of teaching them the importance of protecting the earth through programs like, recycling and the use of green household products in hopes that they'll share these ideas with their families.

"We found it's a lot easier to reach children especially at a young age," said Schonchin.

That's why students at Friday's Earth Day event saw booths on the harmful effect oils from cars and trucks can have on a town's water supply. They also saw the potential effects of pesticides a farmer sprays on his crops on the surrounding environment. Schonchin said recycling is everyone's responsibility.

"So, even just the simple act of making sure you dispose of the trash products, trying to recycle your cans, everybody will take recycled cans anymore," Schonchin said.

Organizers also touched on how keeping trash out of lakes and oceans helps golden bald eagles like Nuepi, live longer. Something Schonchin says can help right here at home.

"We still have eagles here so we still have wildlife refuge we can take care of and look after for our children and for our grandchildren," he said.

While the organizers of Friday's event say educating the masses about the Earth Day message can be challenging, it's also an honor.

"Being native that's one of our biggest concerns as native people, is looking after the earth. A lot of people call it mother earth and being able to share that with a community that listens and want to take part in all of the efforts to take care of the earth is exciting," he said.

Organizers say they practice what they preach. They say they recycle everything which is how they funded the money to put on Friday's event.

National earth day is April 22nd.

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