Mountain bike riders hit the trails for festival

Mountain bike riders hit the trails for festival

MEDICINE PARK, OK (KSWO) - Mountain bikers are taking over Medicine Park this weekend as part of the April Fool's Mountain Bike Festival.

14-year-old Kye Cordes is one of the 150 riders who is expected to show up for Sunday's races.

"My favorite part about riding is probably just trying to push myself as fast and just having fun when I am doing it and going over all the obstacles," said Cordes.

He says he's been riding a mountain bike for about a year.

"You can just come out here almost whenever you want and ride," said Cordes. "I mean we come out here two or three times a week and just ride on the trails."

Chad Everett is the co-founder of Mountain Bike Club of the Wichita. He says they have been working on the trails for 4 to 5 years so that they can be enjoyed for years to come.

"As far as building the trails, I'm hoping that like that young man over there the future," said Everett. "You know we are building these trails so people have something to ride."

There are about 24-miles of single track for mountain bike riders to enjoy.

Everett says when riders take to the course for the races they can expect a well-marked course.

"The thing we hear all the time is how technical our trails are," said Everett. "We have people that come in from Colorado that are stationed at Fort Sill. They come ride and they are like, wow, this is technical, this is the real deal."

The mountain bike festival will end Sunday afternoon with races for children ages 4 all the way to those 60-years-old and older. For more information, visit the Mountain Bike Club of the Wichita Facebook page.

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