April 10 storm photos, damage

April 10 storm photos, damage

SOUTHWEST OKLAHOMA (KSWO) –Power outages, hail and damage reports came in from all over Southwest Oklahoma during the storm Sunday night.

The April 10 storm caused quite a bit of wind-related damage and hail up to a half-dollar size was reported in some parts. The National Weather Service predicted winds up to 100 mph in Frederick; they very well may have seen the most damage. Geronimo also saw downed power lines and a partially collapsed building.

Empire Elementary canceled school Monday because of a lack of water due to storm damage.

Around 2,000 people were without power at the height of the outages, but most of them have been restored by Monday afternoon.

More storms are likely to be seen in the general area of Southwest Oklahoma Monday and rain throughout the week. A second round of storms that are likely to bring a large amount of rain and possible flooding is being forecasted for the weekend.

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