Couple has pregnancy scare in tornado shelter

Couple has pregnancy scare in tornado shelter
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GERONIMO, OK (KSWO) -People in Geronimo and Faxon were left to clean up the mess after high winds left damage in their wake, and one couple feared they might have a child during the storm.

"High winds and then I kept looking at it and I am like oh my goodness," said Nathan Love, a Geronimo resident who took shelter during the storm.

The winds were so powerful they split many trees in half across town. They crumpled tin sheds and dropped them in people's front yards. The roofs of two mobile homes were damaged.

The internet connection to Geronimo Town Hall was taken out by winds and crews climbed the water tower to repair it Monday morning.

In Faxon, a barn located right along Highway 36 lost its roof and one of the walls. Shingles, plywood and crumpled sheet metal were in yards and on the streets.

One of the buildings ravaged by the wind was Geronimo's old fire station. A couple who recently moved to Geronimo from Montana say they have never seen anything like this before.

"We are not used to tornado weather or tornado season," Love said.

Love says his family rode out the storm in their neighbor's tornado shelter after he came knocking on their door just before 11 p.m., letting them know about the danger.

"We thought he was just over cautious and maybe a grandpa overbearing a little bit, but we kind of shrugged it off as it was just going to be a storm," Love said.

The family did end up going to the shelter, but Love says he was nervous that his girlfriend, who is two weeks from her due date, might have her baby in the storm shelter. About 10 minutes into sitting in the shelter, his girlfriend told him she thought she might be having the baby.

"There was a bet going around on Facebook that everyone was chiming in on when the expected due date was and I said April 11. And when she starting having contractions in the storm shelter I was like, 'hey, I might be right," Love said.

Fortunately, Love says they were just false contractions. He says when they finally emerged from the shelter they got a big surprise.

"As soon as the storm had passed we got up, opened the storm shelter and sure enough right there in front of the storm shelter was a piece off our roof," Love said.

Love believes they will be able to repair the roof, but mostly he's thankful that his family wasn't inside the house when the roof was torn off.

"Relieved that everybody was safe and that we did heed the caution of our neighbor, Felix. You know that we did take shelter and everybody came out safe," Love said.

The Love family got help from volunteers from Oklahoma Baptist Disaster Relief in patching the roof. They will be staying with a friend until the roof can be fully repaired.

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