Appreciation dinner honors law enforcement, their families

Appreciation dinner honors law enforcement, their families

LAWTON, OK (KSWO) - Law enforcement officers and their families from all over Comanche county spent the evening being honored for serving the community. The Greater Lawton Rotary Club provided a night of barbeque and entertainment for the officers, lieutenants, captains, deputies and everything in between. One of the organizers says they haven't seen an event in Lawton where law enforcement can be praised, while also having a relaxing night out with their families. So they jumped at the chance to give back to those who protect them.

Lt. Brad Davis was with his family Monday night. He says that what he really liked is that the appreciation reached all the way to his family. And like many officers, that is where he gets the most support.

"They love what daddy does and loves supporting me," said Davis.

Davis says he is thankful for the dinner tonight with his family and fellow officers.

"For law enforcement it's good to have these types of event so we can come and actually relax and enjoy each other's company without the stress of the everyday job," said Davis.

Greater Lawton Rotary Club member Stan Booker says they wanted to give the law enforcement officers a stress-free night when they know most of their days are full of high-stress situations.

"So you know what the greatest thing to de-stress is? Laughter," said Booker. "Everybody knows that. When you're under stress, you have to laugh."

So for a laugh and a bit of inspiration, they brought in former Oklahoma Attorney General Mike Turpen, who's now a television personality in Oklahoma City.

"You're the last strand of wire between the foxes and the chickens," said Turpen. "I mean that sincerely. I'm going to tell them they are doing God's work, right here on earth."

Turpen brought the jokes, but he also brought advice for the officers here in Comanche County.

"A police officer has to be a part of, not apart from the community," said Turpen. "Getting out of the police car, you know? I was in Muskogee, and I worked at the police department there. We had to get off our horses, and have coffee with the people."

Turpen came to speak free of charge, and in return the rotary club donated to the Tony Allison Endowed Chair, which is a newly formed scholarship for Cameron University students.

Booker says that everything they needed to make this appreciation dinner was donated by local businesses. He says that speaks volumes of the community's support of law enforcement. He says they plan on having this event at least once a year, and are looking for other ways to show officers their appreciation.

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