LPD worked 25 wrecks in 2 days

LPD worked 25 wrecks in 2 days

LAWTON, OK (KSWO) –When road conditions are less than ideal, slow down and drive cautiously.

After seeing high winds and down pours in the last few days, the Lawton Police Department is urging drivers to slow down and pay attention to avoid collisions with other drivers and stationary obstacles.

In a 48-hour period, LPD says they were called out to 21 accidents without injuries, three accidents with injuries and one hit and run.

"The first and most important thing a driver should do on wet rainy roads is to slow down. Driving slower is the only way to keep a vehicle from hydroplaning," Detective Nancy Lombardo said in an email.

Hydroplaning is a loss of traction with the road because of water on the road, normally caused by unsafe speeds.

Lawton Police have a few simple tips to stay safe while driving in inclement weather:

  • Leave more space than usual between yourself and other vehicles; this will give you more time to react to what’s happening and more time to brake
  • Turn your headlights on so other people can see you more easily
  • If your vehicle starts to skid, steer into the skid and don’t panic
  • Don’t use cruise control or slam on the brakes
  • Stay off your cell phone

"Driving safely everyday should always be our number one priority. Driving extra safely in adverse conditions may someday save your life," Det. Lombardo said.

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