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OSU's Brad Underwood visits Altus as part of the Cowboy Caravan

ALTUS, Okla - There wasn't much for Oklahoma State basketball fans to cheer about this past season. The Pokes finished 12-20, 9th in the Big 12. That led to Travis Ford's departure and the arrival of Brad Underwood from Stephen F. Austin. Underwood, along with a hand full of other OSU coaches made his way to the Jackson County Expo Center tonight for the first stop on the Cowboy Caravan.

The Oklahoma State Caravan in Altus was a perfect opportunity for Men’s Basketball Coach Brad Underwood to get his feet wet with the state's fan base. According to the new head coach, OSU has felt like home since he and his family arrived.

"I thoroughly enjoy coming out and meeting people. Whether they're in the Stillwater community, the Oklahoma State community, or out here on the Cowboy Caravan,” says Underwood. “That's what it's all about. Meeting people, the relationships, meeting the alumni, the proud alumni is something I look forward to and will continue to do that as long as I'm the basketball coach here."

On March 12th, Underwood was tapped to lead the program. Athletic Director Mike Holder says Underwood was his top choice before he even offered him the deal.

"There's nothing as empowering as someone who is really wanting you, caring about you, understanding the traditions and the real fabric of what makes Oklahoma State such a great place,” explains Holder. “And the first time I heard him talk about OSU and what it meant to him, and how bad he wanted the job, I knew that any reservation I had just flew out the window."

Underwood says he took the job because of not only his connection to and love for the Big 12 conference, but also the tremendous pride OSU has in their athletics.

"Here at Oklahoma State is really one of the great, great traditions in all of college basketball, going back to Coach Iba. It gives me chills to see, to walk in that building every day, know his name's on that building, to stand on Eddie Sutton Court. To me, that's very humbling. That's tradition and you can't create tradition overnight. That's what makes Oklahoma State very, very special," says Underwood.

Since arriving at OSU, Coach Underwood has been welcomed with open arms by Cowboys alumni and fans alike, and mentions how important it is to connect with fans from across the state.

"We're the rowdiest arena in America, so we need our fans to come to our games,” professes Underwood. “And this is an opportunity for us to give back just a little bit and to come to Altus. To get on the caravan. To come support and see our fans in their environment. It's something I believe in. I take a great deal of pride in."

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