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Apache ready for annual Rattlesnake Festival

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APACHE, OK (KSWO) -If you're looking for something to satisfy your adventurous nature, stop by Apache.

The annual Apache Rattlesnake Festival kicks off Thursday, April 14. Festival attendees will get a chance to interact up close and personal with some of Southwest Oklahoma's scalier residents.

There are events for the whole family, including guided snake hunts with prizes for the most and largest rattlesnakes captured. You can also see the Snake Pit with live snakes and snake handlers.

Fang master and 35-year veteran snake hunter Ron Orf spoke about the importance of the festival.

“Oh yes, yes, yes. You gotta respect them because they can kill you if they bite you in the wrong place. We've honored them for 35 years. My son, my wife, my daughter…we all love snakes,” Orf said.

The festival starts Thursday and will run until 5 p.m. Sunday. There will be live music, entertainment and plenty of vendors.

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