Filing period closed for county, state, federal positions

Filing period closed for county, state, federal positions

LAWTON, OK (KSWO) –Candidates have filed for county positions and to represent their area at the state and national level.

The Primary Election will be held Tuesday, June 28, with a runoff election and general election being held August 23 and Nov. 8 respectively.

Candidates running for the same position with the same party affiliation will go up against each other in the polls on June 28. If no one gets a majority of the votes, the top two will go to a runoff election on August 23. The final contender from each party will go up against each other on Nov. 8. If the candidate is running unopposed, they will win by default.

The election will include one United State senator, currently held by James Lankford who is finishing out Tom Coburn's term. This is for a full six-year term.

Other elections include five United State representatives, each for a two-year term, a six-year term for the Oklahoma Corporation Commissioner, 25 Oklahoma state senators (the odd numbered districts) for four-year terms, 101 Oklahoma state representatives for two-year terms and four-year terms for every county clerk, county sheriff, court clerk and District 2 county commissioners.

In order to run for office, there are a few restrictions, which you can find here, and it costs between $200 and $1,000 to run, or you can run for free if four percent of registered voters in the district sign a petition.

U.S. senator- $1,000
U.S. representative -$750
Corporation Commissioner -$500
State senator -$200
State representative -$200
Court Clerk -$200
County Sheriff -$200
County Clerk -$200
County Commissioner -$200

There's also a $250 fee to contest someone's candidacy. Contests of candidacy must be submitted to the appropriate Election Board Secretary by Tuesday, April 19.

U.S. Senator
Democrat- Steve Perry, Mike Workman
Republican- James Lankford
Libertarian- Dax Ewbank, Robert Murphy
Independent- Sean Braddy

U.S. Representative District 3
Democrat- Frankie Robbins
Republican- Frank Lucas, Desiree Brown

U.S. Representative District 4
Democrat- Bert Smith
Republican- Tom Cole, James Taylor, Shawn Roberts
Libertarian- Sevier White

Corporation Commissioner
Democrat- Richard Morrissette
Republican- Dana Murphy

State Senator
District 31
Democrat- Perry Brinegar
Republican- Juan Rodriguez, Toni Hasenbeck, Chris Kidd

District 43
Democrat- Leah Pollan
Republican- Paul Scott, Corey Brooks

State Representatives
District 50
Democrat- Melissa Tilley
Republican- Dennis Johnson, Marcus McEntire

District 51
Democrat- Charles Murdock
Republican- Scott Biggs

District 52
Republican- Charles Ortega, John Thomas

District 55
Democrat- Wayne Walters
Republican- Todd Russ

District 56
Democrat- David Perryman
Republican- Chris Verser

District 62
Democrat- Larry Bush, Ruby Peters
Republican- John Michael Montgomery

District 63
Democrat- Randy Batt
Republican- Jeff Coody, Dan Oakes

District 64
Democrat- Jacobi Crowley
Republican- Keith Jackson, Rande Worthen

District 65
Democrat- Rick Gilleland
Republican- Scooter Park

County Elections

Comanche County
Sheriff- Kenny Stradley, Dem
Court Clerk- Robert Morales, Dem
County Clerk- Carrie Tubbs, Rep
County Commissioner- Johnny Owens, Dem; Richard Strickland, Rep

Cotton County
Sheriff- Kent Simpson, Dem.; Shawn Strange, Rep; Tim King, Rep
Court Clerk- Janet Burk, Dem
County Clerk- Nikky Vardell, Dem
County Commissioner- Clarence Scooter Bivins, Rep; Brady White, Dem; Ricky Vardell, Dem; Joe Keaton, Rep

Tillman County
Sheriff- Bobby Whittington, Rep
Court Clerk- Kevin Stevens, Rep
County Clerk- Cacy Caldwell, Rep
County Commissioner- Joe Dickey, Dem
County Treasurer- Julie Garza, Rep

Stephens County
Sheriff- Wayne McKinney, Rep; Ladd Polk, Rep
Court Clerk- Dana Blevins, Dem
County Clerk- Jenny Moore, Rep
County Commissioner- Todd Churchman, Rep; Lonnie Estes, Rep
County Assessor- Dana Buchanan, Rep

Jackson County
Sheriff- Roger Levick, Rep
Court Clerk- Rhonda Stepanovich, Rep
County Clerk- Robin Booker, Rep; Christi Hair, Rep
County Commissioner District 2- Kirk Butler, Rep
County Commissioner District 3 (2-year unexpired term)- David Renfro, Dem; Buddy Dehtan, Dem; Janice Miller, Dem; Danny Pence, Rep; Rhet Johnson, Rep

Jefferson County
Sheriff- Michael Bryant, Dem; Jeremie Wilson, Rep
Court Clerk- Kim Berry, Dem
County Clerk- Traci Smith, Dem
County Commissioner- Ty Phillips, Dem
Treasurer (2-year unexpired term)- Emily Follis, Rep; Mary Atwood, Dem

Harmon County
Sheriff- Joe Johnson, Dem
Court Clerk- Stacy Macias, Dem
County Clerk- Kara Gollihare, Dem
County Commissioner- Nicky Boone, Dem

Greer County
Sheriff- Devin Huckabay, Dem; Chris Hopingardner, Dem
Court Clerk- Rhonda Henry, Dem
County Clerk- Jackie Cloyd, Dem
County Commissioner- Terry Nickell, Dem; Ricky Straube, Rep

Kiowa County
Sheriff- Bill Lancaster, Rep; Jeff Smith, Rep
Court Clerk- Lori Arite, Dem; Kay Richards, Rep
County Clerk- Nikky Dodd, Dem
County Commissioner- Stan Funkhouser, Rep; Miles Brewster, Ind; Dee Corbin, Rep

Caddo County
Sheriff- Patrick Hayes, Dem; Lennis Miller, Dem
Court Clerk- Patti Barger, Dem
County Clerk- Patrice Dolch, Dem
County Commissioner- Randy McLemore, Dem; Belita Lee Byrd, Rep

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