Central High hopes to fill bus with supplies

Central High hopes to fill bus with supplies

CENTRAL HIGH, OK (KSWO) -Central High Public Schools is hoping to stack up on school supplies and they're asking the community to help fill a bus with paper, pencils and other supplies for next school year.

School Board President Jerry Howell says with budget cuts pending, each item donated is one less thing in which teachers and the school will have to pay.

"It is a way for with the budget cuts, state budget cuts, it's a way for us to defray the cost. To try to keep the money that we do have focused on each child, each student, to keep the school up and running and make sure we have a quality of education for each child," Howell said.

If you would like to help out, stop by the school and look for the bus parked in front of the flag pole. Howell says it will be there all summer.

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