Getting familiar with the new radar

Getting familiar with the new radar

LAWTON, OK (KSWO) –With severe weather becoming more prevalent as we go through our 5th Season, it's important to familiarize yourself with the radar.

We've heard from many of our viewers that the new radar on just isn't as good as the old radar. In order to get the best results, you may want to change how the radar is displayed.

First things first, you'll find a small globe on the bottom right part of the radar. Click that and you'll get four options on how you want to see the map.

Base is rather basic, hence the name. It'll show lakes, rivers and state boundaries.

Map shows streets and parks, much like a normal map.

Terrain gives a map-like view coupled with terrain data.

Satellite gives the most in-depth view and may be the easiest way to see where you are and where the storm is.

On the bottom left part of the radar you'll find options to show different weather data. Those options include: radar, clouds, current, lightning, rainfall, watches and warning, severe outlook, storm outlook, storm attributes, tropical, snow and snow outlook.

It is possible to have all weather information turned off, but this isn't very helpful.

Turning the radar option on, you'll see where the storm is with the typical color gradient where green is light, yellow is stronger and red is more on the severe side with heavy rain and strong winds.

The radar will also let you see active watches and warnings. Every county that has an active watch or warning will be highlighted with a corresponding color. Clicking that show the full text of what the watch or warning is and what all is included.

The storm attributes button is especially helpful to see where hail or heavy rain is. Hail is marked with an O and heavy rain is marked with three water drops. Click on the icon will give you more information about it.

It's also worth noting that the map can be zoomed in to an incredibly close view or zoomed out to show the entire globe.

If you're out and about when severe weather hits, make sure you have our SkyWARN 7 weather app. It's free and will give you alerts.

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