GRAPHIC: Dog shot in neck with crossbow

GRAPHIC: Dog shot in neck with crossbow
(Source: Duncan Veterinarian Hospital)
(Source: Duncan Veterinarian Hospital)

DUNCAN, OK (KSWO) - A dog in Duncan is on the path to recovery Monday night after being shot with a crossbow, and now police have opened up an investigation into the shooting.

The lab-pit bull mix nicknamed Archer was shot in the neck Thursday. Police say two juveniles were outside with the crossbow when they say the dog walked up and acted aggressively. They say they shot the dog in self-defense.

The question police and the vet have been asking all weekend is 'where is Archer's owner?' So far, there's no word on where Archer came from. Now, the focus is on getting Archer back on his paws, and also figuring out why this happened.

"It was definitely a miracle," said Veterinarian Michael Hudson. "He had a guardian angel looking after him."

Hudson says Archer came in Thursday night with an arrow through his neck, and *surprisingly* his tail wagging.

"He's doing as good as you can be expected being shot with an arrow through the neck," said Hudson.

The arrow has been removed, and a cut on his paw was stitched up.

The incident happened Thursday night. One juvenile was outside his home showing off his crossbow to a friend. In the police report, the juveniles say the dog walked up to them, and was acting aggressive so they shot the dog. They told police it was in self-defense. The mother of the juvenile called animal control. They picked up the dog at the 900 block of Cypress Avenue that night.

Detectives have not talked to the juvenile, but will this week.

Detective Bill Fitzhugh says he finds it unusual that the owners have not come forward.

"Me being a dog owner myself, I would know if my dog was missing," said Fitzhugh. "I would suspect someone would come forward by now."

He says finding the owner can help him learn if the dog has an aggressive history.

But Hudson says he feels archer doesn't have a mean bone in his body.

"We've been doing injectable meds and doing some unpleasant things to him as you might imagine," said Hudson. "He's been a trooper, he hasn't shown any aggression whatsoever."

If Archer's owner does not come forward, the vet will hand him over to animal control as soon as he is healed, and will be up for adoption.

If you know who Archer's owner is, or have any information that can help with the investigation, call the Duncan Police Department at 580-255-2112.

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