MedWatch-CCMH gives nurses extra training

MedWatch-CCMH gives nurses extra training

LAWTON, OK (KSWO) -Comanche County Memorial Hospital is happy to have filled many nursing positions in their critical care units and are now offering all current and future nurses the opportunity to get additional training in critical care and other areas of the hospital to provide the best possible service.

Comanche County Memorial Hospital has partnered with Integris Health and the American Academy of Critical Care Nurses to provide a new orientation process for all new nurses who come to work for the hospital. In addition to that, the hospital is also creating a critical care education program.

"With all the additional programs that we are offering, I feel like by the time our new nurses get oriented in September, October, we are going to have the highest level of critical care available in the state of Oklahoma," said Jacqui Derrico, manager of Critical Care at CCMH.

Derrico says her goal is for all of the hospital's Intensive Care Unit nurses to receive critical care certification, which is not required at any facility in the state. She says the critical care education program will be ran by a critical care educator and that will be their sole focus.

"The hours that each one of those nurses will spend orienting and educating themselves and learning and being prepared to take the certification test is something that requires a lot effort, a lot of time. So I'm really proud that we are going to be able to offer that," Derrico said.

Derrico says critical care is just the first to implement this new orientation process and education program. She says other areas of the hospital are currently working on similar programs, so any nurse who would like to receive the extra education, whether it be critical care or another area, can get that education without ever leaving the hospital and at no charge.

"We will pay them to get that education. This way we are able to give a higher level of care to all of the patients in the facility, not just in critical care,"

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