Man arrested for grand larceny in cell phone theft

Man arrested for grand larceny in cell phone theft

LAWTON, OK (KSWO) –Police arrested a man for grand larceny after he was caught with multiple stolen cell phones and tablets.

Police were told that a man in a black tank top with tattoos may have taken a phone from a customer in a cell phone store on the 2200 block of Northwest Cache Road Wednesday afternoon. Officers were able to find the suspect with the phone and many other devices not far away.

The man, Cody Nash, had a tablet in his hands when the officer caught up with him. Officers patted him down and Nash took out a Galaxy S5, HP Slate 7, iPhone S6, Galaxy Exhibit, a phone cord and screen protectors and put them on the officer's patrol car without being asked to do so.

Police detained Nash while they talked to an employee at the store and reviewed surveillance video. At that point, they confirmed Nash took the phones and tablets from the store, but Nash said all of the devices belonged to him and that he found them on the ground.

Nash was arrested for grand larceny since the total value of the property was listed at $1,500.

One of the phones was returned to the rightful owner.

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