Kids and police unite to fight bullying

Kids and police unite to fight bullying

LAWTON, OK (KSWO) - Local teens tackled the problem of bullying head-on Thursday.

The Lawton Police Department recently joined forces with a local church for what they're calling "Unification in Our City," and are holding monthly meetings, aimed at getting youth involved with the police department to battle social issues.

Lawton Police Sgt. Stephanie Crawford said bullying is an epidemic that we as citizens have to face.

"I think everywhere everyone is different and I think that's wonderful and if everyone was the same that'd be awful boring," Crawford said. "So we want to reach the kids and talk to them about it and tell them, too, what to do in case they're ever put in the position where they're bullied and how to handle it."

This is the third monthly meeting the police department and Lawton's Impact Center have held.

Sgt. Crawford said the plan is to hold these meetings every third Thursday of the month.

She said next month will be a discussion about drugs, and the month after will center on gangs.

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