Duncan church wants to warn kids, families about drugs

Duncan church wants to warn kids, families about drugs

DUNCAN, OK (KSWO) -The Recovery Church in Duncan is on a mission to warn kids and their families about the dangers of drugs.

On May 1, the church will host a Community Hope and Awareness event at New Hope Baptist Church. Participants will hear testimonies from young men and woman who are in prison or on their way to prison, and a woman who is going through drug court.

Pastor Dennis Hall says his own troubled past with the law was the motivation behind the seminar. He says enabling a loved one with a checkered past can also lead to problems, something he hopes to drive home during the event.

Pastor Hall says 25 years of making bad choices and drug use landed him behind bars for seven years, but he says his poor decision making wasn't the only reason he went to prison.

"See, my mother had bailed me out and prolonged it. See, I probably never would have gone to prison if I had faced these consequences early. I think I was 40, I thought my life was over," Pastor Hall said.

He says God had other plans for his life. While in prison, he became a Christian. Now he has a calling to minister to not only those whose poor choices have them behind bars, but to their loved ones as well.

"They really just want to come and educate mother, family members and especially you to the dangers of thinking this never happen to me. Mothers thinking 'this could never happen to my children, I raised them right.' Of the dangers bailing children out continuously and not letting them face their consequences like my own life," Pastor Hall said.

Pastor Hall says it is important to love someone who is facing a dark time in their life, but allowing them to be dependent on a loved one's support can be dangerous. He says it was his faith in God that helped him change his life for the better and hopes the seminar will do the same for those who come.

"I've been doing this a long time in prison and out. I've never seen anybody have transformations, true transformation, from just darkness to light without a relationship with Jesus. It just takes him," said Pastor Hall.

He says a lot of people have joined forces with the Recovery Church to make this event a success. The Stephens County Jail has partnered with the Recovery Church, as well as around 15 other churches throughout Southwest Oklahoma.

The Community Hope and Awareness event takes place Sunday, May 1, at 5 p.m. at New Hope Baptist Church in Duncan.

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