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CU Women's Tennis clinches first LSC regular season title

LAWTON, Okla (KSWO) - The Cameron University Women's Tennis Team are Lone Star Conference regular season champions for the first time. This is after placing second in LSC season standings six times in program history. The Aggies clinched April 12th when they ended Midwestern States two year run as conference champs.  

"It was overwhelming,” says James Helvey, Cameron University head coach. “And it was one of those deals where I had to sit back and just look around because I wanted to watch it and the girls rushing out onto the court. It was just a fun thing to accomplish."

"It's actually an amazing feeling being here the last three years and finally coming through. We've had a great year from our teammates and our coaches. So it's a great feeling," says Magdalena Kovinic, Cameron senior tennis player.

"Yeah it feels really good,” explains Samantha Wood, Cameron junior tennis player. “And coach said before we started playing that he had never won it before. So when we managed to clinch it, it was a really good feeling and we were all really there for each other and supporting one another." 

The title added an additional accolade to the successful career of Coach Helvey.  

"It's very personal. I take it very personal. I mean what we do out here is very personal to me,” explains Helvey. “I have a very rich, deep feeling for winning. I tell my kids we're here to win. I want to win a title. I want them to win a title.  College tennis only comes once in your lifetime." 

He also recognizes what an accomplishment like this means to the university.  

Helvey says, "I've been here 23 years. It's the first time since we've been a part of the Lone Star Conference to win a Lone Star Conference title. We've won other conference title, but that was over two decades ago. The Lone Star Conference in women's tennis has been incredibly tough. Every single year, the champion of the conference has gone on to the national tournament and has done something."

Despite the joy of the regular season title, there are still plenty of other goals to be reached this season.  

"We don't have an automatic bid in our conference. You have to have at least six teams in order for that to happen. So it doesn't actually physically get you somewhere else. It's just another thing to play for. And it was something we finally did it. And it builds confidence for the next level to win the next regional title," says Helvey.

"We need to beat the same team we also beat in the LSC title. We need to beat them again in order to go there. We still got a lot of hard work to do, but I think we can definitely come through with it," says Woods.

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