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Roof lost in Comanche from high winds

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COMANCHE, OK (KSWO) -A business in Comanche is cleaning up scattered debris after straight line winds blew the top off their feed barn during Tuesday's severe thunderstorm.

The storm blew the roof off the building and onto the nearby railroad tracks. Luckily, none of the feed in the barn was lost.

Wes Padgett, one of the owners of Comanche Seed and Grain, said this is the third time the roof has blown off this particular building. He says while it didn't come as a surprise, he is under the gun to get at least a temporary fix before more rain comes on Thursday.

Padgett says after he received a phone call about the damage to roof, he went to the building and moved some of the feed out of the barn so it wouldn't get soaked and become unusable. He says years ago, the company put a second roof on the building to help with drainage, but he didn't know how bad the storm had damaged that sub-roof. So, when he got to work Wednesday morning, he had an idea of what he'd be facing.

"You know, we got a ladder and climbed on top to make sure there was nothing structurally wrong with the sub-roof. It looks like it's gonna be ok," Padgett said.

Padgett hopes to have a temporary roof on the building by the end of the day. Although this isn't the first time he's been through this process, Padgett says Oklahoma weather can be a pain in his side.

"It does get frustrating, but if you live in this part of the country, this is what you get used to," he said.

Padgett says he gives all the credit to the community for helping him stay ahead of the storm damage. A feeling he says left him speechless.

"I've already had four or five calls from people that trade with us or live here in town that have offered to take a day’s vacation to help us clean up. That's what's really great about living in a small town," Padgett said.

He says the city helped him out and carried off the remaining debris from the roof. He doesn't know just how much it will cost to replace the roof, and he hopes to have that done by the end of next week.

There were also reports of wind damage from the storm on Refinery Road. You can see those photos here.

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