Parents, teachers propose possible bond issues

Parents, teachers propose possible bond issues

LAWTON, OK (KSWO) - Parents, teachers and members of the Lawton community came together Wednesday night while brain storming ideas for future bond issues.

This was the last of three meetings held by Lawton Public Schools.

Doctor Jo Ann Pierce, who moderated the meetings, says she encouraged community members to visit at the start of the meetings in hopes of generating ideas.

She says each of those ideas has the potential to make a huge impact on the education students receive.

"When children flourish we all flourish, because as the generations take over, the better educated they are, the more they are able to do for others," Dr. Pierce said. "For me that should always be the number one priority: how do we help our children? How do we help student achievement?"

Dr. Pierce says one of the bond possibilities often discussed is whether or not Eisenhower Middle School should be rebuilt or go away.

She says a sports complex shared by local high schools and middle schools has also been a common suggestion, as well as ensuring all schools in the area have working heat and air conditioning.

She plans to present the ideas to the school board.

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