Duncan water bill going up

Duncan water bill going up

DUNCAN, OK (KSWO) -Duncan residents will soon see an increase to their water bill.

Starting May, residents will pay an extra $2 per month toward the cost of the silt removal and line extension project by the Waurika Master Conservancy District. The project also includes water system upgrades for additional water sources should Waurika Lake have problems like it did earlier this year.

Duncan City Manager Jim Frieda says it's never easy asking residents to pay additional funds, but sometimes it is a necessary evil.

"It's never pleasant, but there's a way you have to pay for it and basically if you're going to pay for water improvements it has to come from water delivery," Frieda explained.

Frieda says the city borrowed $3 million for the project and will pay $208,000 for the next 25 years to pay it back. He says the city's monthly bill will be just over $17,000.

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