Trailer home demolished in storm

Trailer home demolished in storm
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COMANCHE COUNTY, OK (KSWO)- A family is in shock after they witnessed one of mother nature's most powerful forces.

Their trailer just outside of Elgin was demolished when a powerful windstorm blew through Friday afternoon.

"Never seen anything like it. Just like up and down, up and on its side and down, never anything like it," said Dianna Klenk.

Klenk says when she heard the storm coming she rushed home to her two grandchildren. She says they had just enough time to get into her car, all while the storm was bearing down on them.

"The storm was still on the car and my kids, and I made everybody put their arms up in case we went rolling or something, we got lucky we didn't have to," said Klenk.

Klenk says while hunkered down in her car just feet away from her home, she feared for the worst, but then...

"Just boom it was done," said Klenk.

She says proof of the storm's sheer power is what little is now left behind.

"I don't have a home, everything, I raise my two granddaughters by myself, my husband recently passed and, everything, I found one of my rings though hey, hey," said Klenk.

Just last month Klenk used her tax return money to buy her granddaughter's new beds, and even had some money left over to do some remodeling. She says while their clothes, furniture, and other possessions are now gone, she says the things they cherish the most somehow weathered the storm.

"But it's amazing and I'm thankful that building, and that car with all of us in it still right there, so that's my blessing," said Klenk.

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