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LPS addresses performance review

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LAWTON, OK (KSWO) - With the recent education budget cuts in the state, every school district is looking for ways to save money. The Lawton Public School district is doing that by going through a performance review that recommends changes in the way the district operates that saves tax dollars.

The recommendations that came from the Office of Educational Quality and Accountability are broken into four groups, maintenance, custodial, facilities and business operations. Superintendent Tom Deighan requested the school performance review.

During the next four school board meetings, each department that falls under these groups will present to the board how they will act on these recommendations.

Superintendent Deighan says the first review started back in 2014. It addressed transportation and special education. They just released their final report from that review detailing the things the district changed and made more efficient, which Deighan says saved them a lot of taxpayer dollars.

He says they expect to see even better results with this review because they are tackling more departments.

"We’re willing to have people come in from the outside and really put us under a microscope," said Deighan.

Deighan says the district is carefully reviewing all 77 recommendations from the school performance review.

"I expect my staff to implement everything they can to save the district money, be more efficient, and be more accountable to our community," Deighan.

A third party research company visits the district, reviews data and administers surveys to put together these recommendations. The review recommends moving many things that the district does on paper, like clocking in and out, to a computerized system that would save time and money.

Some recommendations, like hiring 37 additional full-time maintenance technicians, can't be done... Because of budget cuts.

"Sometimes they get some things, and because they don't know the context of the district there are something that we cannot implement,” said Deighan. “There are very few of those but sometimes the recommendations just don't fit."

Deighan says these reviews are not only for saving money, but to show the community they are working on improvements.

"We have our weaknesses we have our challenges, but we are really committed in trying to address," said Deighan.

After each section of the review is addressed, Deighan says hopefully by Christmas they will have a final report to go over the progress of everything they are implementing in the district.

If you want to see what improvements were recommended, go to the Lawton public schools website to access the entire performance review.

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