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Defective tag light leads to drug, gun arrests

Charles Halliburton (Source Lawton Police Department) Charles Halliburton (Source Lawton Police Department)

LAWTON, OK (KSWO) –Two people were arrested for guns and drugs after the car they were riding in was pulled over because the tag light was out.

A Lawton officer pulled over a white Crown Victoria just before midnight Tuesday at Southwest Rank Oaks Boulevard and 11th Street because their tag light was out. The driver and two passengers were trying to open the doors and moved throughout the car until the officer spoke to the driver. During a check for warrants, the officer learned the driver had a suspended license, a K9 unit was called out shortly after.

The K9 gave a positive alert and a jar with five baggies of marijuana was found in the trunk. One of the passengers, Charles Halliburton, told the officers the marijuana was his. Officers found a BB gun in his shorts when he was at the Lawton City Jail.

A juvenile sitting in the back seat was caught with a loaded pistol in his pocket.

Halliburton was arrested for possession of marijuana with the intent to distribute. A complaint of unlawfully carrying a weapon was added at the jail.

The juvenile is being charged through the Juvenile Bureau.

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