Memorial piece composed for Duncan students

Memorial piece composed for Duncan students
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DUNCAN, OK (KSWO) -The Duncan High School band is perfecting a memorial piece to honor six students who lost their lives before they were able to graduate.

Four months ago, a group of band parents came up with the idea to have a song composed in tribute to those who were tragically taken too soon over the past six years.

Band Booster Club vice president and parent Mike Peercy says the students have been dealt a tough blow with the untimely deaths of their classmates and the parents thought this would be a nice way to help them through the healing process.

The piece, "And so the Archer Loves the Bow," is a fitting piece. The archer symbolizes a parent who launches their child into the air to an unknown destination that only the bow knows. The song's composer says the bow symbolically brings comfort to the parent because it's something they can still hold on to.

They may be gone, but their memories still live on through the notes on the page. Senior band member Alison Baugh says it can be emotional at times.

"Whenever we hit a big section, you kind of get that build up and you have to keep playing and the music helps," she said.

Baugh says she knew all six of her classmates who met with untimely deaths. She says they were all good people and would be proud of how their classmates have chosen to honor their memories.

"I think they would be ecstatic that we had a song written for us for them and for the whole class of 2016," Baugh said.

The emotion Baugh feels from the special music piece is exactly what Peercy, along with all the other band parents, wanted the band students to feel.

"We're taking this experience that you guys have had. This real life loss, these memories, these feelings and giving you a means to express them that not only is healing in your soul, but healing to those who hear it," Peercy said.

Baugh says the piece has helped her and her classmates through the healing process. She says it leaves you with a sense of something not quite right, that something is missing, but offers you a glimpse of hope for the future.

"That's what we were hoping for. That we would give an expression to the fact that we've experienced these losses, but there's hope beyond today," Peercy said.

"You can't really put words to emotions, but music is there and music helps to add that anger or sadness add those memories it's supposed to trigger," Baugh said.

The students will perform the song Tuesday during their end of the year concert in the Duncan High School auditorium.

The memorial piece was composed by Dr. Roland Barrett, Oklahoma University's associate director of school of music. Duncan High School band director Jeramy Haas says it took Barrett three months to complete.

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