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Walters memorial mural finished

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WALTERS, OK (KSWO) - If you drive past the intersection of Broadway Street and Colorado Avenue in Walters, you'll see the finished product of a mural painted to honor citizens who have passed.  The idea from this mural came after teenagers vandalized the town's water tower in memory of 15-year-old Gage Fisher of Walters who died in a boating accident last May.

Priscilla Pennington with the Cotton County Arts Council says this mural of the Reflection Bridge in Sultan Park is a great place to put the names of those how have passed, like Fisher.

"We want to put their names on the memorial side of it, just as a remembrance to them,
 said Pennington. “Because it's a small town, we all are very close, it's like family has passed. So this is a way that we can honor all of those.”

It took a few months to land on the idea of painting the bridge, and it took 3 ½ days to paint. Pennington says the responses from the citizens were positive. Some say they should have decided on painting a mural like this sooner.

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