Aftermath of the Mother's Day flooding

Aftermath of the Mother's Day flooding
(Source KSWO)
(Source KSWO)

LAWTON, OK (KSWO) - Following the Mother's Day downpour, drivers in Lawton continue to deal with the storm's aftermath, which caused flash flooding that left some cars stranded. Some cars were flooded up to the steering wheel or higher in the northeast side of Central Mall's parking lot Sunday night. It caused the drivers to abandon their cars. So Monday, all across Lawton, drivers spent time filing insurance claims on their cars, and waiting their turn for a tow truck to finally come take the car away.

Checker Wreckers says they have towed about 22 cars and counting. They say they are just one tow truck company, and are sure the others in town have been equally as busy.

"It's just been real hectic for us," said Timothy Reed, Checker Wrecker driver. "We've been picking up non-stop."

Reed says the minute he drops off one car with flood damage, he heads out to go get another.

He says people became emotional when he came out to pick up their flooded cars last night.

"One lady was really happy to see me that i came up for her 2011 Chrysler 300," said Reed. "She was stuck up underneath the bridge on 11th street on the Cache Road overpass. She said I couldn't believe that the water just rushed her."

Reed towed some cars at the central mall parking lot where people walked out of the mall to see their cars nearly submerged.

The water has receded Monday, but if you were standing out in the same spot in the parking lot on Sunday night, you would be wading waist deep through water. That was not good for the cars that were parked out there.

Jennifer Robinette, a AAA insurance agent, say if you have comprehensive coverage on your car, you are covered for flooding. Unlike flood insurance for your home, which you have to get through FEMA.

But she warns everyone that days after severe weather like this brings out scammers looking to make money.

"If someone calls and says they want to look at your vehicle, or your home, for that matter, because of the weather, just decline it," said Robinette. "Call your agent, or the customer services claims department because those people are usually fishing to do things that aren't necessary."

In this next week, insurance agents like Robinette are expecting more claims for flood or hail damage to be filed. Some mechanics and body shop owners looked at the photos and video of the cars that were in the flood waters, and say the cars probably have nowhere else to go, but straight to the salvage yard.

Robinette says during this season of severe weather, it's best that you check with your insurance agent on what kind of coverage you have, so you are not caught off guard if the storm does hit.

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