Wrongfully convicted Oklahoma men freed

Wrongfully convicted Oklahoma men freed

TULSA, OK (KSWO) - After spending 21 years behind bars in Oklahoma for a murder they did not commit, two wrongly convicted men are walking free Tuesday.

"I'm just thankful for a second chance at life again," said Malcolm Scott, a Duncan native.

Scott and De'Marchoe Carpenter, who was represented by a Lawton defense attorney, spoke after a judge exonerated them Monday.

They had been found guilty in 1994 of murdering a teen in a drive-by shooting in Tulsa County, and sentenced to life in prison. But a group called The Innocence Project took up the case and uncovered new evidence, which included a videotaped confession made in 2014 from a death row inmate that says he was the killer, not Scott or Carpenter.

Scott couldn't find the words to thank the group of law students and pro-bono attorneys for their efforts.

"I didn't have money, my family didn't have a lot of money," said Scott before breaking down and hugging one of the attorneys after he was released from prison.

Scott's family told 7NEWS he spent all day today shopping, and checking out things he had missed in the two decades he was imprisoned. That included getting, and learning how to use, a cell phone.

Here in Lawton, Carpenter's defense attorney Ken Sue Doerfel is celebrating. She got a compelling letter from Carpenter two years before she started working on the case with The Innocence Project.

She called the decision an emotional moment, and an once-in-a-lifetime case.

"Then for them to be found that they never even committed the crimes, and that they don't have to die in prison, it's an unbelievable feeling to have been honored to have been a part of that," said Doerfel. "It was a high honor."

Doerfel says she hasn't spoken with Carpenter yet saying she doesn't want to interfere with his celebration with his family and friends over the next few days.

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