Kids fed through 'stamp out hunger'

Kids fed through 'stamp out hunger'

LAWTON, OK (KSWO) -Saturday, May 14, you can help postal workers across Oklahoma "stamp out hunger" during the annual Letter Carriers' Association food drive.

If you received one of the bags in the mail recently, all you have to do is fill it, or any other plastic bag, with canned goods or non-perishable food items and put it in your mailbox. A postal worker will come by and pick it up.

The food will then be split between the local Salvation Army and the Oklahoma Regional Food Bank.

Food drive coordinator Steve Riggs says it takes a community to fight hunger, especially during the summer months.

"The schools are shutting down and the summer feeding programs are about to kick in, but the kids are not going to have food at lunch and breakfast anymore. So we start these summer feeding programs and we need to put food in these pantries to do that. I've seen hungry children and I don't ever want to see another hungry child in my life," Riggs said.

The Letter Carriers' Association's food drive is held nationwide and is the largest single-day food drive in the country. If you miss it, Lawton food drive coordinator Barry Hess says there's still plenty of time to donate.

"Usually, based on my experience, we usually have food coming in for a couple of weeks after. Just feel free, if you miss the actual event, just dig in the pantry, get some cans out and give it to us at any time and we'll take it to the food bank," Hess said.

Hess says monetary donations can also be made online at or by calling 405-600-3136.

Every dollar donated will provide five meals for a hungry Oklahoman.

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